FB-cover-promo-graphic-2012-webEmergency service workers and volunteers are no strangers to long nights, difficult calls, and the overall rigor their job requires. And while we can highlight the bravery and dedication these men and women exemplify to keep us safe, it is the friends and families of Emergency Service Personnel that understand the stresses this occupation truly holds.

It seems that we could never thank the friends and family who help support you through all of the ups and downs of this line of work enough for their devotion. That’s why Smith & Warren has designed the exclusive keepsake Family Badge to let you show your loved ones how much their support means to you.

FB-Blog-ImageFamily Badges are beautifully handcrafted, custom miniature badges manufactured with the same care and workmanship as our full-size badges. Each Family Badge is custom engraved to order and can be purchased standalone or artfully mounted in our genuine leather badge ID cases, wallets or key fobs. Each leather item is custom cut to fit the badge of your choice, and can be embossed with a multitude of title options including; Officer’s Mother, Firefighter’s Wife, or Deputy Sheriff’s Friend.

Badges can be ordered with a number of finish, enamel color, and center seal options and have a short 3-week production time. As with all Smith & Warren products, each one is made right here in the United States and carries a Full Lifetime Warranty.

The industry can be hard on your family and friends, so thank them for their support with a thoughtful and unique gift they are sure to carry and treasure.

Visit SmithWarren.com to see the complete line of Family Badges and accessories.


Leather-Blog-Image-bkgd-2Smith & Warren is your source for the finest duty and dress leather accessories with the craftsmanship and quality that you have come to expect. Our leather products are designed and manufactured with the same attention to detail exhibited in our badges and range from badge cases and belt clips to wallets and K-9 harness holders.

Each made-to-order leather product is hand crafted in the USA from ultra-durable, long-lasting materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the Emergency Services industry. Badges can be recessed into the leather or permanently mounted for a finished look. Our recessed leather products are custom cut to fit your specific Smith & Warren badge.

BC105-BLOG-GRAPHICOur most popular dress wallet, model BC105, is a bi-fold design featuring 5 credit card slots and a picture sleeve. When ordering a badge that will be set in a leather product, we suggest a flat badge with either a wallet clip or with no attachment that will be permanently mounted into the leather when ordered.

Click Here To browse our entire selection of leather products. If you are looking to purchase a custom cut leather item, but aren’t sure of the badge model you currently have, just contact our Customer Service Team and we will advise on how to identify your badge.

Whether you are looking to preserve the finish of your badge, securely display it, or conveniently carry it alongside your cash and cards, trust the quality you have come to expect from Smith & Warren, your source for the finest Badges, Insignia AND leather accessories.

Absolute Victory Insignia 9/11 Oval Badge

Absolute Victory Insignia Oval Badge designed for Public Safety Agencies

As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, one company continues to take a positive action to make sure first responders and the public across the nation will never forget what happened that day.

Absolute Victory Insignia, a company owned by law-enforcement officers, began a local program to unite first responders on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  For the entire month of September, participating agencies will wear the same United badge.  Ed LaValle, one of the owners of Absolute Victory, said the program was designed “as a tribute to those heroes who run toward danger every day when others are running away.”  The program honors those who serve now and those who died in the line of duty.

The program began in San Diego County and Las Vegas, but word spread quickly.  Soon, officers nationwide began calling to find out how to participate.  To date, over 78 agencies have signed on to the program with more signing up each month.  This program is the first of its kind to unite first responders across the country.

Absolute Victory Insignia Star Badge

Absolute Victory Insignia 9/11 Star badge designed for Sheriff’s Offices

In 2013, a 7-point star design was added to the program so that Sheriff departments could participate.

Both the oval and star badges contain symbols that remind us of the selfless devotion and heroism of the first responders who answered the call that day.  Among the symbols that remind us of the tragedy is a bald eagle that rises above it all to symbolize America’s strength and resolve in the face of adversity.

If your department is interested in joining the program and wearing either the oval or 7-point star next year in September 2015, please visit the Absolute Victory Insignia web-site http://www.avictoryinsignia.com/911project.html  to learn more about the program.

Delivering the utmost value to our customers has been at the core of the Smith & Warren culture since its humble beginnings in 1925.   As a closely held family-owned business we are able to operate under a set of core values and principals without answering to shareholders or having to justify every business decision to big executives. Our company is made up of staff who enter with varied skills and experience, but all share a core set of values that have contributed to our status in the industry.  We are an organization that values relationships, is focused on customers and is determined to uphold the proud tradition of badge manufacturing here in the United States.

Each product is designed and crafted with our customers’ needs in mind and exemplifies the passion we have for our business. We offer an unmatched Full Lifetime Warranty on every badge we make – a business decision that is questioned by our competition, but leaves our customers delighted. For us it isn’t about profits or bottom-line, but about delivering exceptional quality and service for a distinction our clientele have worked hard to earn.

At Smith & Warren it is firmly believed that we must not only apply ourselves to our work, but also love and believe in what we do.   If we truly enjoy what we do, then customers will benefit from this enthusiasm.  This mindset is contagious throughout the company and is what drives us all to strive for a higher quality of service for each customer. After all, you’ve earned your badge and you deserve a passionately produced product that can be worn with pride.

See how Smith & Warren badges are made, as seen on Science Channel’s “How It’s Made”:

Are you, or someone you know expecting a baby in the next couple months? Chances are the answer to that question is yes!

Did you know that most births in the United States happen during the summer months? The CDC reports that August and September are the highest rated birth months in the United States. As there’s certainly quite a lot of excitement and joy surrounding the arrival of a new member of the family, why not remember it fondly with a unique keepsake?

The Smith & Warren® novelty baby badge makes an excellent gift to commemorate this special occasion. The badge can be completely customized to include the baby’s name, birth date, weight, and even the time of birth.

As for quality, don’t let the “novelty” fool you. Each badge is carefully crafted from start to finish right here in the USA and carries the industry leading Smith & Warren® FULL Lifetime Warranty. With a production time of 3 weeks, and rush services available, we are sure to get this wonderful keepsake out to you in no time!

Click Here or on the picture to
design your very own baby badge online with VisualBadge™ and find an authorized Smith & Warren Dealer to order one for the newest little member of your family.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or need additional information. We are happy to answer any technical or manufacturing questions, in addition to assisting you with the design and development of your next Smith & Warren® badge.

With the rise of popularity in custom designed badges the term “Die” and “Tool” get’s used a lot.  Usually in terms of the initial setup costs.  Frequently customers question these costs and are curious to know more about what these “dies and tools” are and how they are used in the manufacturing process.

The “die” is the block of steel that is used to form a badge.  The intricate three dimensional design of the badge is cut into the surface of a block of steel.  The process is done partially by machine, but on high-end badges the majority is done by the hands of skilled artisans.  Below are a few pictures of badges dies from our factory


At our factory we have many thousands of these dies.  One exists for every badge, seal and insignia that we manufacture.

When it is time to manufacture a badge we utilize the steel die.  We mount

Imageit into a machine called a press. The press then squeezes the die against a piece of brass.  Under pressure that frequently exceed 400 tons per square inch, the brass material flows into the die and forms.  With the impression of the design from the die now impressed into the brass, we refer to this as an “untrimmed badge blank”

Now the excess material around the edges needs to be trimmed off.  This is where the “tools” become important.  “Tools” do not get the recognition that dies enjoy, but they are equally important.  The tools consist of a “Plate” and a “Punch” that are designed to exactly follow the outline of the badge.

The tools are mounted into a power press and are then used to cut the excess material away from the badge.  We call the process “Trimming” and when completed we are left with a “Badge Blank”

As you can see the dies and tools are critical to the manufacture of metal badges.  Many of the dies and tools in our building are owned by us.  But many are owned by our customers as well.  We work with thousands of departments around the world to develop unique custom badges.  As part of this process we cut dies and tools that are eventually used to produce the badges.  Attention to detail, skill, experience and a lot of patience are needed to cut these die and tools.

If you are interested in learning more about the custom design process or about dies and tools contact us at contact@smithwarren.com or talk to your Smith & Warren dealer about creating a custom die for your department.

To see dies and tools in action, and to see how a finished badge is made, view our appearance on Science Channel’s How It’s Made below.

Apple pie, backyard barbecues, and American flags are common ways to honor the anniversary of our independence this July 4.  Many cities and towns mark the occasion with fireworks and parades.  For the Greater Cleveland Transit Police, custom ceremonial badges help officers dress for the occasion.Greater Cleveland Commemorative Badge

Cleveland Transit Police recently developed the new ceremonial badge program as a way to enhance their Class A dress uniforms for special occasions such as parades, holidays, and funerals.  Ceremonial badges are gaining in popularity as more and more departments want to commemorate special events and honor fallen comrades.  

When the Transit Police began working with Smith & Warren on the ceremonial badge design, the department wanted to include many different images in the badge.  “It required our team of skilled artists and craftsmen to incorporate everything in a visually appealing manner,” said Lee Galperin of Smith & Warren. “The intricacy of this design was unprecedented as it had many overlapping features that all were important to the design and distinctive to the department”

Greater Cleveland Commemorative Officer Badge

The design features an American flag waving in the background, and for the upper ranks a bald eagle on top.  In addition to these patriotic images, the Transit Police badge features several mass transit vehicles as well as the Tower City Center, a prominent and historic building in downtown Cleveland.  

Lieutenant Michael Gettings said, “We were very happy with the process and the final product.  The quality is excellent.”    

If your department is interested in developing a ceremonial badge, please contact your Smith & Warren dealer or contact us 

directly for a design consultation.  We have an extensive line of engrave-able designs or we can develop a full custom badge for your department.  Our development team, in coordination with our extensive network of dealers, can work with you to develop an exquisite badge that will be worn with pride.

Patriotic Smith & Warren Badges